Long Range Precision Rifle and Precision Patrol Rifle Courses

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Our long range precision/hunting rifle and TCOLE Precision Rifle/Precision Patrol Rifle courses are based on the fundamentals of marksmanship. We start with a basic set of skills. We teach you every thing from how to properly set up your rifle to what is the best/latest gear. We'll also cover the most efficient methods of engaging targets at multiple distances with repeatable accuracy out to 600 yards (Precision Patrol Rifle) or 1000 yards (Precision Rifle bolt action) . These courses are packed with information from ours years of experience in Precision Rifle long range shooting, hunting and precision competitions.

The video below is mainly for Precision Rifle (bolt action) Long Rang Course however, the same applies to TCOLE Precision Rifle (Precision Patrol Rifle Courses so instead of a bolt action your rifle would be a semi auto rifle/carbine).