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Low Light Firearms, TCOLE #3327

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Low Light Firearms,

 The course meets and exceeds the TCOLE mandated requirements. A local law enforcement reporting agency is reporting the course credit hours to TCOLE. 

 2 day course (16hrs) 

Free onsite lodging provided (the night before and the night of)

*Minimum enrollment of 15 students to get it the training cycle.

**Full payment must be made 30 days prior to course date. For a full refund we require at lease a 3 week cancellation notification via email to: info@hdcconcepts.com

This course is a nighttime course that is designed around low light/diminished light firearms operations. This course will cover the following items and topics:



Training Topics

  • weapon mounted rifle light
  • weapon mounted pistol light
  • hand held light / rifle operations
  • hand held light / pistol operations
  • Hand held light positions
  • proper hand held light scanning techniques
  • shooting through/around barricades and vehicles
  • Movement
  • alternate shooting positions
  • manipulation of weapon lights
  • placement of weapon lights
  • gear selection
  • Safety
  • Overview of common support equipment
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Loading/Reloading techniques
  • Multiple targets at multiple distances under stress

Round count

  • Pistol rounds - 150 minimum
  • Rifle rounds - 150 minimum 
  • If you are only bringing one weapon then the minimum round count is 250 rounds

Equipment List

  • Glow stick/chem light/personal illumination (for safety)
  • Hand held light
  • weapon lights - optional, but recommend
  • carbine (AR15/AK47 or variants) & handgun (both preferred)
  • Sling for rifle
  • method to stow magazines and lights
  • Cleaning gear if needed
  • Pen, pencil and writing material
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Appropriate Range clothing (no shorts)
  • Durable footwear or boots 
  • Means to hydrate
  • Minimum 2 magazines per weapon system (3 or more recommended)


Recommended Equipment (optional)
body armor

Camelback or other water system
Shooting gloves
Bag, backpack or rucksack to carry gear
Mag pouches or chest rig
Bug Spray
Hat or Ball Cap
Rain Gear
Long sleeved shirts and long pants
Lightweight Lawn Chair
Umbrella for shade
Water and energy drinks
Snacks to maintain energy levels


** LEO/Military Discounts

*** Loaner Weapons are available but limited

**** Ammunition may be available for purchase, contact us