LTC and Pistol Training Courses

pistol training courses

The state "License To Carry" course are governed by the state of Texas and follow the state mandates required for the "LTC" Course.

Our Defensive/Pistol Training Courses are based on the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. We are big on learning the correct basic skills first. Brilliance in the basics. Master the basics and master then you will have mastered weapon system. After the basic skills are learned we have more advance application courses to layer on more skills of weapons manipulation. Precision pistol skills come next with a heaping load of stress inoculation shooting. Once you've chewed through those courses comes one handed manipulations and pistol clearance shooting drills as well as alternate positional shooting. We got pistol courses for the most basic to the most advanced shooters. All of the courses are presented in a step system for an easy to retain learning experience.