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Precision Rifle 3 Day

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Open to Civilian and Law Enforcement 

Start time will be 0800am until 1700pm each day.

 Civilian Students:

This course is designed around Precision Rifle Shooting from basic to advance shooting. There is an additional qualification and other components for the Law Enforcement officers for their certifications. After completing the course requirements you will receive a certification of completion. If you want to engage small targets at long ranges this is the course to take!!

Law Enforcement:

The course meets and exceeds the TCOLE mandated requirements for TCOLE #3325 Precision Rifle. There will be a precision rifle qualification at the end of this course as well as other normal TCOLE required material. After successfully completing the qualification and the course requirements your 24 TCOLE hours wll be submitted and you will receive a certification of completion from us. A local law enforcement reporting agency is reporting the course credit hours to TCOLE. 



Precision Rifle Course

Course Vitals:

Precision Rifle  meets and exceeds requirements for TCOLE #3325 training 



  • Scoped bolt action or scoped semi auto rifle, capable of shooting at least 5 rounds into  1"  at 100 yards. 
  •  A scope that has an adjustable turrets capable of adjusting the bullet impact up to 1000 yards (31 MOA or 12 Milliradian up from your 100 yard zero).  
  • A scope with horizontal sub-tensions in the reticle (for holding and adjusting for wind with the reticle).
  • A quality bipod capable of height and cant adjustments 
  • Match grade ammo. Ammo designed for accurately shooting long range. Typically “Boat-tail” style ammo (or Duty ammo), not bulk ammo, M80 or 5.56 ammunition.
  • The ability to be in the prone (laying on your stomach), seated, and kneeling position to shoot the rifle (this is not a physical course, if you can sit or kneel even if it takes time you’ll be fine)
  • The ability to make a conscious decision to change what needs to be changed and to implement what the instructors are telling you. If you are stuck in your ways then this class is not for you. We will show you the most effective and efficient ways to complete the tasks at hand. If you are too hard headed to listen it’ll be a long frustrating course for you.

Round Count: Approx. 140 (more is better)


Training Topics

TCOLE #3325 requirements (this a 3 day, 24 hrs TCOLE course)
Weapon Assembly/Disassembly and Cleaning
Rifle/Scope setup
Gear selection
How to make a data book
D.O.P.E. Cards
Fundamentals of Long Range Precision shooting
Wind Estimation
Shot corrections and Follow up shots
Target Engagements out to 1,000 yrds
Alternate shooting positions (supported and unsupported)
Overview of common support equipment
Adaptability to unconventional scenarios
Multiple targets at multiple distances under stress.

Equipment List

All the prerequisites listed above and:

  • Rear bag and Bipod or front bag to support the rifle
  • Ballistic program for smart phone, Kestrel or ipad (Shooter, Ballistics ARC etc.) this is not required but it'll make your training and life so much simpler!
  • Cleaning gear,
  • Pen, pencil and writing material
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Appropriate Range clothing
  • Durable boots or footwear
  • 140 rnds Ammunition (more is better)


Optional Equipment

  • rifle tripod
  • Bug Spray
  • Hat or Ball Cap
  • Rain Gear
  • Long sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Lightweight Lawn Chair
  • Umbrella for shade
  • Water and energy drinks
  • Snacks to maintain energy levels


** LEO/Military Discounts

*** Loaner Weapons are available but limited

**** Ammunition may be available for purchase, contact us


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