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TCOLE Patrol Rifle Instructor Course

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Go to the TTPOA website to sign up for this course. Do not sign up through this website. TTPOA is hosting us for this training.



Cost: $400 per student (Onsite Lodging included in price)

Course Dates March 8th - 12th 2021

 *All course fees are due by 3/1/2021.  If you need special assistance for billing or want to pay on the first day, call us.

There will be no refunds for cancellations after that date.



Instructors must have successfully completed TCOLE Instructor and TCOLE Firearms Instructor


Description and Equipment:

Patrol Rifle Instructor

This 40 hour course is designed to prepare instructors to efficiently teach patrol rifle classes to patrol officers and police cadets. Instructors will learn the techniques and skills necessary to conduct realistic training and qualifications that meet and exceed TCOLE standards for patrol rifle. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Patrol Rifle Program implementation
  • Safety
  • Marksmanship
  • Zeroing
  • Rifle selection
  • Gear selection
  • Low-Light application
  • Shooting Positions
  • Reloads
  • Mindset
  • Scenarios
  • Instructor development
  • LPVO scopes and magnifiers

Required Equipment List

  • ZEROED Patrol rifle that meets department policy and MUST include a weapon-mounted light, sling and iron sights. Optics are a welcomed addition; but the rifle must have iron sights.


  • A minimum of three rifle magazines.
  • Duty belt with duty handgun and at least 3 magazines. Pistol mounted lights are strongly encouraged, if your department authorizes their use.
  • At least one duty hand-held flashlight.
  • Ballistic vest and/or rifle plate carrier is strongly recommended.
  • Eye / ear protection
  • Black Sharpie(s)
  • AR-15 front sight tool and any tools needed for sighting optics
  • Gun cleaning equipment for rifle / pistol
  • 500 rounds of rifle ammunition (minimum)
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition (minimum)
  • Water and snacks
  • Sunscreen and rain gear
  • Range appropriate (weather) clothing

 ***Contact us if you are having ammo availability issues



ALL STUDENTS ATTENDING THIS COURSE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PASS THE BELOW LISTED QUALIFICATION WITH A 90% OR BETTER ON THE FIRST HOUR OF THE FIRST DAY IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE AT THE END OF THE CLASS. Students who fail to qualify on their first attempt will be offered a final second attempt immediately following the first attempt. Students who fail to score a 90% or better on this qualification will NOT receive a Patrol Rifle Instructor Certificate.


Patrol Rifle Instructor Qualification

- 40 Rifle Rounds

- IPSC style target

All Patrol Rifle Instructor Course students MUST pass this course of fire with a 90% or better. Students will be offered two attempts to pass this course. This course will be run as the first event on the first day of training. Cruiser Ready Condition is a rifle with the bolt closed on an empty chamber, safety on, loaded magazine seated in rifle and any magnification set to 1x.

100yd (10rd mag) With a Cruiser Ready rifle, the shooter will move from standing to prone an engage the target (C-Zone) with 5 rounds. 20 Sec.

75yd  (10rd mag)  Barricade shooting. Either standing or kneeling the shooter will shoot 5 rounds from the right side of the barricade (C-Zone). After the first 5rounds the shooter will reload with another 10rd mag from behind cover and then shoot 5 more rounds from the left side of the barricade (standing or kneeling). 40 seconds

50yd. (10rd mag) The shooter will shoot 5 rounds standing then reload with a 20 round mag and shoot 5 rounds from kneeling (C-Zone).           25 seconds

30yd  (20rd mag) Barricade shooting. The shooter will shoot 5 rounds from their strong side on the corresponding side of the barricade and 5 rounds from the other side of the barricade from their support side      (C-Zone). 25 seconds

7yd. (20rd mag) Iron Sights Only. From the low ready position (off target) the shooter will raise and shoot 5 shots to the A-Zone of the target, then transition to the pistol and move off line laterally (times stops at the end of the last rifle shot). 4 seconds

*Failing to place the weapon on safe before any weapon manipulation other than actively shooting is and automatic disqualification (not actively shooting, reloading, transitioning, completing a firing sequence)

*Any negligent discharge is an automatic disqualification.

*A miss off of the target silhouette is an automatic disqualification.

*A cross-fire (hitting wrong target) is an automatic disqualification.

*A major safety violation (violation of the four rules) is an automatic disqualification.

*All rounds not fired within time count as a miss.

*No more than 4 misses are allowed to pass the qualification




Kirby Evans is a full-time Texas Peace Officer who has been with his Department for over 16 years and served as a  firearms instructor for 11 years. For the last 4 years Kirby has been the owner and lead instructor of HDC Concepts (Gear); teaching a wide range of firearms related subject matters to the private and public sectors. Kirby is also a the Range Master and Department Armorer for a 450 person police department and also a law enforcement training academy instructor. Kirby has extensive experience teaching firearms related skill sets and patrol tactics in the classroom setting, live role player practical application scenarios, and live-fire range settings.


** LEO/Military Discounts

*** Loaner Weapons are available but limited

**** Ammunition may be available for purchase, contact us