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V3 Handy Data Card Holder (bungee version)

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The Version 3 Handy Data Card Holder (adjustable bungee version).

This data card holder was born out of frustration with the big, bulky and sweaty data holders AKA "Arm Boards and Quarterback Coach arm bands". During competitions we wanted something big enough to hold our precision rifle data. This product needed to be small, light and fit our hand and forearm. We didn't want a bulky item. We were looking for something that you could write on and it would not wash off with sweat or rain. We started with a dream of efficiency and speed.

The outcome of that vision is the Handy Data Card Holder. The Handy can comfortably be worn on your hand, or your forearm, or affixed to your rifle. It is able to be worn on the skin or over a shirt or jacket. It is modular and there are other additional products in the works to complement the Handy in the near future.

Most of all for those in hot humid climates its the coolest multipurpose data card holder made.



The V3 Handy comes as a kit with the following items:

  • V3 Handy Data Card Holder
  • 1 Special Purpose Pen
  • 1 Removable Data Card
  • 10 alcohol pads
  • instruction sheet

 HDC Concepts "Handy" Data Card Holder

The data card holder can be used for the following:

  • Shooting data
  • Fieldcraft sketches
  • GPS units (mounting)
  • Electronic Dope cards
  • Call Signs
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Notes/teaching information
  • Land Navigation information


Instructions for use

Erasable Marker:

This kit uses a permanent (but erasable) marker to insure that your information will be there when you need it! This kit includes alcohol wipes to remove the marker ink. The ink should not wipe off otherwise. Sweat and rain will not remove the ink. Once the ink has quickly dried your information will be prominently displayed on the card.

Hand Mounted:

Using the same hand that you use to adjust your scope turrets, slide the hand through the wrist strap and place the pointer and middle fingers through the bungee cord.

Once this is done adjust both the bungee cord and wrist bungee. It is recommended that the Handy Data Card Holder not be over tightened.


Forearm Mounted:

The Handy can be worn on either side of the forearms. To do this, loosen the bungee cord, slide the hand through both the bungee cords. Once the Handy is on your forearm, decide if you want to use on the outside/inside of the forearms. Then adjust both the bungee cords (around the wrist) and the bungee (around the forearm). These adjustments do not need to be overly tight. A Looser should still prevent the Handy from moving or spinning around.


Rifle Mounted:

The handy can be mounted to the stock or forearms of your rile on any side you choose. In addition you data cards can be pre-made and stored on anything that will store a patch or in a pocket. Take the handy bungee cord and loosen and place it on the rifle and then tighten the Handy down for a quick reference data holder. This also makes it simple to find when needed.

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