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Women's Only, Basic Pistol, 1 Day

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Women's Only Introduction to Pistol Course

1 Day

- 150 rounds minimum

Women’s only class for learning the basics of pistol usage. No experience needed. Training from the ground up. This is an outdoor class that will enhance your confidence and knowledge of the pistol and its nomenclature. This course will cover the following topics:

loading the pistol

unloading the pistol

manipulating the safety

operating the slide release and magazine release

fundamentals of marksmanship

proper sight alignment

proper grip

proper stance

proper trigger press

There is much more that will be covered in class. The course is fun and light hearted with a emphasis on safety and knowledge of the pistol.

If you are unsure or have questions about gear or the course, feel free to contact us either by phone 361 688 4768 or email info@hdcconcepts.com

Course Vitals
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 8hrs
Round Count: Approx. 150 (more is better)


Training Topics
Overview of common support
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Proper Stance and grip
Firing sequence
Loading/Reloading techniques
Multiple targets at multiple distances under stress.


Equipment List
Working quality pistol (full sized pistol preferred)
Outside the waistband Sturdy Belt holster and magazine pouch

Stiff belt for holster and mag pouches
Cleaning gear for pistol
Pen, pencil and writing material
Eye and ear protection
Appropriate Range clothing
Durable footwear or boots 
Minimum 2 magazines (3 or more recommended)

Recommended Equipment (optional)
Bug Spray
Hat or Ball Cap
Camelback or other water system
Bag, backpack or rucksack to carry gear
Rain Gear
Long sleeved shirts and long pants
Lightweight Lawn Chair
Umbrella for shade
Water and energy drinks
Snacks to maintain energy levels

** LEO/Military Discounts

*** Loaner Weapons are available but limited

**** Ammunition may be available for purchase, contact us